SmartHome & Automation

Key Digital


  • Whole-home audio distribution with a single zone of video. 
  • Begin in the Welcome page,  allowing the user to jump into any zone desired in a single button  press, while controlling the atmosphere of each room is as easy as  pressing the ideal scene button or using the slider with the familiar  swipe gesture. 
  • Zone volumes and source  selections are "stored" through an advanced variable and macro  execution, enabling the user to resume enjoying their entertainment with  ease.



 Control your entire home entertainment experience without lifting a  finger. With Harmony and Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can enjoy  easy, hands-free control of all the things you love. Turn on your TV,  change channels, control volume, or start an Activity like “Good  Morning” to play a favorite music playlist, raise the blinds, set the  lights, and warm the house temperature. Your voice makes it all work,  just like magic. 



 Total Control®, URC’s most popular system has very BIG news. Our  latest central controller breaks all barriers for your entry into  enjoying a smart home. The MRX-8 is an ideal way to make the move to  adding simple yet powerful automation to your home. Small in size but huge on value, this piece sits in any room or a  central equipment rack and delivers robust control of your  entertainment, lights, security, door locks, temperature and more. Ideal  for small to mid-range homes, offices, and condos, this robust control  center stores and issues control commands for all your components  throughout the house over your home network. 

Simple Control



Simple Control, a rich yet affordable home  automation system developed by an expert cryptographer, launches remote  monitoring platform to help integrators manage their clients' smart  homes.